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Tropical Seas® Jewelry Collection Sterling Silver Mermaid Pendant

Tropical Seas® Jewelry Collection Sterling Silver Mermaid Pendant



Sterling Silver Mermaid Pendant by Reef Safe Sun®

Description: sterling silver mermaid pendant with small fresh water pearl. 


All stones in product are of high color and quality. We take pride in our manufacturing of this jewelry and they are entirely assembled and MADE in the USA.

Limited Life Time Warranty for each pendant:

Warning: Do Not use ultrasonic cleaners at any time!

All Silver pieces are cast with an anti tarnish sterling silver product called "Sterlium Ultra". The Sterling Silver has anti tarnishing properties within the metal.

Both our Gold & Silver products because of the metals and ceramic color, should not be exposed to chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, perfumes, or any harsh liquids or hard compounds.

For cleaning: use a mild dish soap and warm water. Lightly scrub with a soft tooth brush to loosen dirt, then rinse and dry. Take care not to bend the jewelry when handling.

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