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Reef Safe Sun® Oxybenzone Free Captain's Bag

Reef Safe Sun® Oxybenzone Free Captain's Bag



Going out on the boat is a breeze with our Captain's Bag. Now available in our Oxybenzone Free Formula! This essential ensemble includes all the must-haves for boaters on the go.

Captain's Bag includes

  • (1) SPF 30 Lip Balm .95oz
  • (1) SPF 50 Oxybenzone Free Lotion 2oz
  • (1) Eternal Summer 2oz
  • (1) Burn Cooler Rehydrating Gel with Lidocaine 2oz
  • (1) Swimsuit Cleaner & Conditioner 2oz
  • (1) Hand Sanitizer 2oz
  • (1) Vinyl zipper travel bag small
  • (1) TSI / RS Dolphin Key Fob / Bottle Opener

Bag & Products are TSA approved for carry-ons! 



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