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Tropical Seas® Biodegradable Sting Cooler™ Jellyfish Sting Relief Gel

Tropical Seas® Biodegradable Sting Cooler™ Jellyfish Sting Relief Gel


Model: RS29002

Enriched with Aloe Vera "L", Lidocaine and Allantoin

Provides maximum relief from the discomfort associated with stings from jellyfish, man-o-wars, sand fleas, sea lice, fire coral, and many other stinging marine creatures.  Helps cool and soothe the painful stinging and burning sensations caused on contact for instant relief. Rehydrates your skin’s natural nutrients lost, helping to accelerate the skin‘s healing process. Sting Cooler™ also works to relieve the pain associated with insect bites such as fire ants, bees & wasps as well. Available in 2 oz. which is the perfect size to stow on your boat and can easily be packed in a purse or bag and taken to the beach. Don't regret not picking up a bottle of Sting Cooler™ when you had the chance, be prepared on your next outing just in case by picking up a bottle today. Visit How to Treat Jellyfish Stings, to learn the do's and don'ts to soothing your skin from an aquatic animal sting!

Biodegrades in Oceans, Lakes & Rivers, Eco-Friendly, & Non-Toxic to Sea-life


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