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Reef Safe On a Mission

Reef Safe Suncare believes today’s children are the key to our oceans’ future health and well-being, and it is imperative that they be made aware and educated about our oceans, lakes and their inhabitants. As they become voters and lawmakers, we feel this knowledge will assist them when their turn comes to protect our water environment and make decisions concerning their existence and sustainability. This is paramount to the needs and care required for our vast water wilderness - the oceans and the creatures living within.

Reef Safe’s Main Mission:  Produce products that will keep our waters clean; therefore, creating a safe haven for their inhabitants. Secondly, educate and join forces with those that seek to inform the public about the condition and future of our oceans and sea life in a positive and unrestricted manner.

So how would one propose setting about this task or fulfilling this responsibility?

As the CEO of Reef Safe, I have asked myself this question numerous times, and my contribution has been made by producing a biodegradable product that’s non-toxic to sea life and scientifically substantiated.

Today, because of the quick and vast spread of our company’s message, we have come to realize that we must be selective and cautious on how Tropical Seas/Reef Safe expresses its quest. After much deliberation, Reef Safe has chosen to fully support the National and International Aquariums, Zoos and Marine mammal parks, and is refraining and revoking our sponsorships to single organizations with a strict “no tolerance” message.

Reputable aquariums, zoos and marine mammal parks have the same goal as Reef Safe, and that is to educate and inform the youth and public on protecting animals, marine life and their environments.  We applaud and support their diligence in providing optimal care for their residing species along with educating the public to appreciate the value of these lives and the importance of taking care of the world we all share.  We also realize that many visitors of these aquariums, zoos and marine mammal parks may never get an opportunity to view marine life in it’s natural habitat, so when they visit, it is our opportune time to educate them.

To reinforce these goals, we proudly offer our support for the organizations that provide proper care and nourishment to their animals. And we hope that, together, our message will reside with the visitors:

With each decision you make and product you choose to use, please keep the health of our environment in mind.



Dan Knorr
President / C.E.O.