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How to Properly Clean & Defog Dive Masks, Swim & Ski Goggles

Reef Safe Biodegradable Mask Care System was created in response to divers’ requests for an environmentally friendly mask defog that was odor free and non-irritating.

My love of everything water lead me to become a certified diver in 1993 eventually creating Reef Safe Biodegradable sunscreens in 1998. The obvious next step- listen to what other divers deemed necessary to help protect our ocean environment.

Being a diver, I hated removing my mask after a dive and have the burning sensation around my eyes. So, when creating Reef Safe Mask Care System to be biodegradable, we also formulated the products to be pH balanced so it would not sting user's eyes.

STEP 1 The Scrub: Removing manufacturing contaminates

In order properly defog a new mask or goggles for the first time you need to remove the silicone contaminates left over from the mask manufacturing process. Generously apply Reef Safe Mask Scrub inside the mask on the lens. Using forefingers gently rub in a circular motion around the lens making sure to get around the edges next to the silicone. Rinse with tap water. Repeat process on the outside of the mask lens. Rinse well. Visually inspect mask to see if any contaminates remain. If so repeat above process. While the Scrub is pH balanced we highly recommend that you double rinse to make sure that all scrub has been removed from mask or goggles.

STEP 2 The Defog - No Fog:  Sprayable Formula

Your next step will be to apply defog to your mask or goggles. Reef Safe offers two versions of defog (No Fog). I prefer the spray version, as there is no rinsing required, less chemicals in our waterways. Simply spray the inside lens of the mask or goggles and using forefingers rub in circular motion spreading evenly onto lens. Set aside while you complete getting gear on. "DO NOT RINSE".   There are about 262 uses per 2 oz bottle, so for a few pennies why risk pink eye using spit? Plus is pH Balanced - so where removing mask after dive there is no burning sensation.

STEP 2 The Defog - No Fog: Gel Formula

The second option is Reef Safe Defog Gel. To apply place gel inside mask lens, using forefingers gently rub in circular motion to cover lens, then lightly rinse, then re-rub again using forefingers. Set aside while getting gear on.


When you are diving or snorkeling, keep your mask on your face. Every time you remove and inside of mask becomes wet it will decrease the effectiveness of the defog solution. Best storage place for mask while in water is to pull down around neck, do not place on head as to other divers that is a distress signal and you risk having it knocked off by a wave. Avoid leaving your mask in direct sunlight before your dive. The mask will become warm and will be more likely to fog when it contacts cooler water. When you return from water activity, rinse mask with fresh water and protect from direct sunlight because it can cause premature discoloration and deterioration of the mask, strap and possible yellowing of lens.


Post dive rinse your mask in room temperature water to remove any build ups such as saltwater deposits, chlorine, dirt or sand. Use Reef Safe Mask Scrub at the end of every dive trip to make sure mask is ready for your next outing. Completely rinse in fresh water and dry thoroughly let it drip dry (not in direct sunlight). Then store in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight and away from contact with other objects.  I usually save the plastic box my mask came in and use to store mask to prevent mask from getting crushed and premature oxidation which can cause discoloring. Storing in an air-conditioned environment will also help in keeping your mask in pristine condition.