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Hawaiian Sunscreen Legislation Builds upon Work Tropical Seas Began Over 20 Years Ago

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Since 1995, Tropical Seas has advocated for Reef Safe Sunscreen and the Hawaiian Legislation is a good step forward, but there is more work to do.

Reef Safe Sun® Care understands the need for the Hawaiian legislature’s recent approval of Bill 2571, which will ban the marketing and sale of sunscreens that contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, beginning January 1, 2021.

While we understand, we just do not feel that a shotgun approach to the problem will significantly help the coral. - Dan Knorr, President & C.E.O of Tropical Seas, Inc.

As everyone is aware, the so-called natural, mineral, sunscreens cause just as much, if not more, damage to our oceans and coral as compared to certain chemical sunscreen actives. These “natural” sunscreens create hydrogen peroxide in seawater and a siltation effect to the coral. In addition, both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are considered ocean pollutants and highly toxic to all aquatic environments.

Our position is that every sunscreen product claiming to be reef friendly, coral friendly, or reef-safe needs to be scientifically tested by an independent ecology laboratory to globally accepted test methods and proven nontoxic to corals before making those claims.

Simply claiming reef friendly based on not containing a couple of ingredients does not scientifically make a sunscreen product reef friendly.

It’s not about the ingredients in a product, but how those ingredients are formulated and processed, and the quality of the ingredients used.

We are very proud to state that all Reef Safe Sun® sunscreen formulas have been tested at Mote Marine Laboratory. This includes products that are Oxybenzone, Octinoxate Free, and our Original formulas that contain both of these ingredients.

All sunscreens are not alike, and to single out one compound in the ingredients and make a blanket ruling is not proper. We found Reef Safe Sun® Care products caused no visual signs of bleaching, stress or mortality for two key species of Florida corals through our 20-day, independent test. - Dr. David Vaughan, manager of Mote Coral Reef Restoration program, and former Executive Director of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration, and former manager of the Protect our Reef grants program at Summerland Key, Florida.

We acknowledge that there has been significant coral decline in the last several years, as we were one of the first companies that noticed this phenomenon back in 1995.  We are pleased to see this being recognized worldwide – it is unfortunate that it took 23 years though to come to light.

The team at Tropical Seas® believes in what we are doing, and we developed and tested our Reef Safe Sun brand in the face of opposition. There were claims that reef friendly, reef safe sunscreen products were unnecessary. Others disputed our testing and our science, but we persevered and continue to produce the finest Reef Safe Sun care products in the world.

We are grateful that the world is recognizing the need for reef safe, reef friendly suncare products because we passionately care about our ocean and its inhabitants. We are pleased to see our competitors acknowledge this fact, and hope that their motives are pure. We hope that their commitment to the environment is as strong as ours, and that they back up that commitment with complete and proper testing to prove that their products are made to help the environment and not just to drive a profit.

Today there is a focus on reef friendly, reef safe sunscreens – yet the real-world issues of global warming, ocean acidification, agricultural, pesticide and chemical runoffs, gray and black sewage dumping by military and cruise ships are simply overlooked. Instead, many are pointing the finger at a couple of sunscreen ingredients.

We believe that everyone should try to do their part in helping to protect our ocean and planet from more pollution, but do so in a reasonable fashion, not based upon junk science.

Reef Safe Sun® Care has been the pioneer in sunscreen coral testing and research since 1995.

Demand the original Reef Safe Sun® Care Since 1995, not an imposter.