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Founder's Position: When Enough is Enough

There are many sunscreen products with varying ingredients on the market today. For the past six years there have been many claims about the affects of sunscreens on corals and aquatic organisms. We have not seen studies that replicate the real world conditions that affect coral organisms nor a globally accepted protocol. Most studies only depict extremely large quantities of sunscreen confined in small volume containers that hold corals. These tests are very vague as to whether or not they test the chemical ingredients separately or if they test as a finished sunscreen product using FDA acceptable use levels. These studies have not included zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in their studies. With these factors not addressed, we are still left with no definitive answer on the influence that all sunscreen products and their ingredients have on corals.

Reef Safe by Tropical Seas® was the first company to actually conduct multiple independent studies on the biodegradability and the biotoxicity of their products. In all cases, Reef Safe products resulted in minimal impact to the aquatic environments. Today, more companies are trying to provide a product with less impact on the reefs, but buyer beware, they are probably not testing with the same globally accepted protocols as Reef Safe by Tropical Seas. Each company has their own claims as to which ingredients are better for the environment based upon one group’s flawed study. Using a product that has been tested and scientifically proven to have the smallest impact on our aquatic environments as a finished product, rather than based off of an individual ingredient, should take precedence.

Tropical Seas, manufacturer of Reef Safe sunscreens commends all companies who lead the charge with trying to lessen the impact of sunscreens on our ecosystem, while protecting humans from damaging sun rays; however, some of these companies seem to be competing in the market by casting misinformation about each other. Reef Safe by Tropical Seas refuses to spend resources debating with companies and individuals about which products are "better than others". We have paid thousands of dollars to independent ecology and FDA approved laboratories to prove our claims. Reef Safe sunscreens and all Reef Safe Sun Care products claims are scientifically substantiated, safe for humans, our environment, aquatic environments, and its inhabitants.

We stand behind our scientifically tested Reef Safe Sunscreens and Sun Care products, and use our resources to keep improving upon our commitment to our customers and our environment. We continually research new ways to promote the conservation of the environment through the utilization of environmentally sustainable, renewable carbon based raw materials.

You can obtain more information about our product testing results at www.reefsafesuncare.com and learn much more about us at www.tropicalseas.com