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Reef Safe Suncare by Tropical Seas - Even John likes it!

Review by: Chaela Sumner at ScubaGadget.com

Sunscreen that feels good, smells good and is safe for the environment – I’m hooked already!

As a conscientious scuba diver I often think of the impact I have on the undersea world. I want to be able to add to its preservation, not its destruction. Hence, I strive to maintain good diving practices like keeping my hands and fins away from coral reefs, not flinging trash over the side of the boat, assisting in underwater clean-ups and other Earth friendly experiences. I may be one small fish in the sea, but I want to be a contributing fish. Meanwhile, I know I have to keep my skin from burning, especially when I dive tropical, since we live in the Pacific Northwest – a place not exactly known for endless days of sunlight.

Add to that the fact that the use of sunscreens is a “hot” topic in my household, since the removal of a skin cancer several years ago brought the importance of sunscreen to the forefront. Couple that with my partner’s extreme sensitivity to chemical smells and feels and we have a real conundrum on our hands. We were mighty pleased to be able to test the Reef Safe™ Biodegradeable Sunscreen products by Tropical Seas on a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico. I had high hopes for the product, hoping that it performed as good as it sounded.

After multiple dives over multiple days in the sunny environment of La Paz, I am happy to report that the Reef Safe™ Biodegradeable Sunscreen SPF 30+, Reef Safe™ Biodegradeable SPF 30 Unflavored Lip Balm and the Reef Safe™ Eco-Friendly Sprayable SPF 30+ all out performed any sunscreen previously used to date. Once applied, we forgot it was there – true testimony to any sunscreen product. The real cause for celebration was this: after decades of looking for a sunscreen that my partner John could handle, after using the Reef Safe products he was smiling. He was super pleased with the feel and pleasant, subtle smell of the product. Couple that with the fact that it did not harm the environment and I’m hooked.

Here are some facts you should keep in mind about the Tropical Seas® Reef Safe™ product line:

  • Their marketing claims are backed up by science, not pseudo-science or conjecture. Outside independent laboratories were used to test their products. Test results are all available at their corporate office. Scientific summaries are available online.
  • Reef Safe™ products biodegrade within 90 days, are non-toxic to marine life and are very water resistant (up to 80 minutes) and rub proof.
  • Reef Safe™ claims are 100% truth.
  • Reef Safe™ Mission is to produce products that will keep our waters clean
  • The products work! Trust us – we have very fair skin and seldom sport tans.
  • In addition to their sun care products, they have after sun re-hydrating gels, moisturizers, apparel, kid care products, jellyfish sting lotion and more. If you would like more information on the Reef Safe™ products by Tropical Seas, want to view ingredient lists, facts about sunscreens or just peruse their products, please visit their site here.