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“BackCountry Expands to Expedition”:

Reef Safe™ Creates Natural Citronella Spray For Around-The-Clock Use

ORMOND BEACH, FL (February 23, 2011): Winter is slowly coming to an end, the frost is chilling, the flowers will be blooming and the bugs will be buzzing day and night. ReefSafe’s BackCountry SPF 30+ Spray with natural Citronella is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts needing to ward off pesky insects during the day, and now there is a solution for the nightly pests, “Expedition.” Without the SPF component of BackCountry, Expedition is a natural Citronella spray that wards off the unwanted guests when the sun is down and the moon is up. It also offers the same biodegradability and eco-friendly features of the full line of ReefSafe™ SunCare by Beach Buff. ®

Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff was introduced by Tropical Seas® of Ormond Beach, FL, as a sunscreen scientifically proven to biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers; thus protecting fragile ecosystems while protecting your skin. Reef Safe’s non-toxic formula and biodegradeable claim is scientifically substantiated, a testimonial that no other sun care product on the market can make. After extensive research, Reef Safe has also been named as the Official SunCare of Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.

“After much experimentation, we launched Backcountry as our first sunscreen with added natural Citronella, and due to the success and positive feedback, Expedition seemed like a no-brainer next step. Consumers reported that the spray warded off a variety of unwanted guests such as mosquitoes, yellow flies, sweat flies, no-seeums and more,” says Dan Knorr, CEO and President of Tropical Seas. “These can especially be a big annoyance at night, but there’s no need for the SPF; therefore a bottle of Expedition is the perfect solution.”

For fishing guides, captains, water enthusiasts and more, Expedition is easy to spray on and will continue to stay on the skin with its waterproof formula. Not only is it user-friendly and comfortable, but it also meets the eco-friendly standards that all Reef Safe products abide by. A comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests concluded that 99 percent of Reef Safe sunscreens biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers, and Expedition will do the same. For the outdoorsman that wants to enjoy their environment, day and night, for years to come, BackCountry and Expedition is the ideal pair.  

Expedition 8.45 ounce (250 ml) retails at $10.00. Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff sunscreens are available in resort locations across the U.S. Sunbelt, Hawaii and throughout the Caribbean islands, and online.

About Reef Safe SunCare

ReefSafe™ SunCare by Beach Buff®, manufactured and distributed by Ormond Beach, Fla. based Tropical Seas, Inc., addresses well-documented concerns about the damage done to reefs and marine life by the 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of toxic sunscreens estimated to wash off swimmers into the oceans every year. Reef Safe sunscreens were subjected to a comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests to support and authenticate the biodegradability of the lotions. The research found that Reef Safe SunCare products biodegrade, on average, less than 90 days in seawater and freshwater. No evidence of toxicity to microorganisms and other sea life was detected. Research also found that Reef Safe’s waterproof formula allows less than three percent of the product to come off in water, which compares favorably to the estimated 25 percent of mass-market brand lotions that come off in water.

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