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“Whale of a Time and For a Good Cause”

Biodegradeable Reef Safe SunCare Featured at 2011 Maui Whale Festival 

ORMOND BEACH, FL (January 13, 2011): Back by popular demand, Reef Safe™ SunCare by Beach Buff® of Ormond Beach, Florida, travels afar to be a part of Pacific Whale Foundation’s “2011 Maui Whale Festival.” Drawing in nearly 16,000 people, the Festival celebrates the migration and presence of Humpback Whales to Maui while raising funds that will support marine education programs for Maui schoolchildren.  As a part of their mission to educate, Reef Safe will be featured at the Festival as the world’s only scientifically proven biodegradeable sunscreen made to shield harmful rays and protect our oceans.

With a common concern for ocean conservation, the Pacific Whale Foundation invited Reef Safe to join the festivities with a respectable list of other eco-friendly vendors and sponsors. Over 5,000 samples of Reef Safe Lotion, Burn Cooler Gels and Hand Sanitizers will be available at the festival. So … if festival goers are in need of clean hands, sun protection or regretting too much sun exposure, they can pick up samples at the First Aid booth with the Reef Safe banners.  And if they don’t have the opportunity there, Reef Safe is also sold in the Foundation store and used on all of their Excursions and Cruises.

“We strongly believe that everybody who enters the ocean should use biodegradeable sunscreens in order to preserve and protect our reefs and sea life for future generations. Only Reef Safe meets that standard. We’re excited to have them on board again for the Festival,” says Nikole McElroy, Events and Outreach Coordinator at Pacific Whale Foundation.

Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff was introduced by Tropical Seas® of Ormond Beach, FL, as a sunscreen scientifically proven to biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers; thus protecting fragile ecosystems while protecting your skin. As we have learned through research, ocean reefs and the marine life within them are adversely affected by certain chemicals in mass produced sunscreens. Roughly 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of toxic sunscreens are estimated to wash off swimmers into the oceans every year, creating damage to our marine life. This presents an unfortunate trade-off between protecting humans exposed to the sun and ocean life under stress. Reef Safe sunscreens were subjected to a comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests to support and authenticate the biodegradability of the lotions. The research found that 99 percent of the material biodegraded in seawater in less than 90 days on average, while no evidence of toxicity to micro-organisms and other sea life was detected.

“Maui has been a great market for us. Along with being featured at the Whale Festival, Reef Safe has co-branded with Maui Ocean Center’s curatorial staff and educators to help educate visitors on the benefits of using Reef Safe,” said Dan Knorr, CEO and president of Tropical Seas. “The festival is a great time to get our message of conservation across. We always look forward to taking part in such a meaningful celebration of Maui’s treasured Humpback Whales.”

Reef Safe sunscreens will be featured and available at the following outdoor events during the 2011 Maui Whale Festival –

  • Run for the Whales, a popular 5K and half-marathon along the scenic coast of South Maui; February 5 at Makena Beach and Golf Resort

  • The 31st Anniversary Whale Day Celebration, the signature event of the Maui Whale Festival; February 19 at Kalama Park in Kihei

  • Product available at both events: First Aid stations for Run For The Whales and at the First Aid Booth located near the Pacific Whale Foundation booth on Whale Day

Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff sunscreens are available in resort locations across the U.S. Sunbelt, Hawaii and throughout the Caribbean islands, and online.

About Reef Safe SunCare

ReefSafe™ SunCare by Beach Buff®, manufactured and distributed by Ormond Beach, Fla. based Tropical Seas, Inc., addresses well-documented concerns about the damage done to reefs and marine life by the 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of toxic sunscreens estimated to wash off swimmers into the oceans every year. Reef Safe sunscreens were subjected to a comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests to support and authenticate the biodegradability of the lotions. The research found that Reef Safe SunCare products biodegrade, on average, less than 90 days in seawater and freshwater. No evidence of toxicity to microorganisms and other sea life was detected. Research also found that Reef Safe’s waterproof formula allows less than three percent of the product to come off in water, which compares favorably to the estimated 25 percent of mass-market brand lotions that come off in water.

About Pacific Whale Foundation

Pacific Whale Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins, coral reefs and our planet’s oceans. To learn how you can make a donation to support Pacific Whale Foundation’s research programs, visit www.pacificwhale.org or call 808-249-8811 ext. 1.

For more information on the 2011 Maui Whale Festival, visit www.mauiwhalefestival.org

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