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Biodegradable Sunscreens Get Bluer, and Greener

Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff® transitions to 100% recyclable pump 

Ormond Beach, FL (February 16, 2010): Most companies would be content to introduce the world’s first truly biodegradable sunscreens, feeling they had done their part to protect the environment. Not Ormond Beach-based Tropical Seas, Inc.

Just months after introducing Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff®, the only product on the market that can scientifically substantiate a biodegradeable “reef safe” or “freshwater safe” claim, Tropical Seas has completed its transition to new all-plastic pumps for its gel and lotion packaging. The new pumps eliminate the old metal ball and spring assembly, making the container 100 percent recyclable.
The new pumps require 50 percent less energy in recycling and, over time, are projected to save enough fuel to supply 18 2,500-square-foot homes each year.
“We have said for years that Tropical Seas is absolutely, unequivocally dedicated to being as environmentally responsible as we can possibly be,” said Dan Knorr, CEO and president of Tropical Seas. “It’s not just a slogan or marketing gimmick. It’s a fundamental commitment we’ve made to our customers, our distributors and our planet, and we aren’t kidding around.”
The new pumps, part of Tropical Seas’ “sustainable packaging” initiative, offer a number of environmental benefits, including –
  • Fewer raw materials used
  • Reduced energy consumption in manufacturing and distribution
  • Improved material recovery (via recycling)
  • Improved energy recovery (via thermovalorisation)
  • Reduced carbon footprint and CO2 emissions
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced costs (meaning lower prices passed on to retailers and consumers)Better for the oceans (“bluer”) and the planet (“greener”)
Tropical Seas first tested the all-plastic pumps on its Itzazu® line of kids’ hand soaps and sanitizers before transitioning to the Reef Safe SunCare line. “It’s important to us that the pumps are eco-friendly,” continued Knorr, “but we had to make certain they worked at least as well as the old style before we rolled them out at retail. We’re happy to report that the recyclable pumps are both good for the environment and good for business.”

Reef Safe SunCare by Beach Buff sunscreens are available in resort locations across the U.S. Sunbelt, Hawaii and throughout the Caribbean islands, and online.

About Reef Safe SunCare

ReefSafe™ SunCare by Beach Buff®, manufactured and distributed by Ormond Beach, Fla. based Tropical Seas, Inc., addresses well-documented concerns about the damage done to reefs and marine life by the 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of toxic sunscreens estimated to wash off swimmers into the oceans every year. Reef Safe sunscreens were subjected to a comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests to support and authenticate the biodegradability of the lotions. The research found that Reef Safe SunCare products biodegrade, on average, less than 90 days in seawater and freshwater. No evidence of toxicity to microorganisms and other sea life was detected. Research also found that Reef Safe’s waterproof formula allows less than three percent of the product to come off in water, which compares favorably to the estimated 25 percent of mass-market brand lotions that come off in water.

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