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Reef Safe SunCare Has Found A 100% Bio-Based Plant Derived Resin

We have been researching plant-derived bio-resins for our packaging for the past several years, and in mid-2014, we finally located a source!

After several test trials, we found a 100% bio based PE resin made from plant-based feedstock that is a renewable alternative to petrochemical based PE resins.

Since it uses 90% less energy and emits 75% less greenhouse gases when processing, this 100% bio based HDPE packaging has a negative carbon footprint from harvest to production here at Tropical Seas.

In March of this year, we received sample bottles that were immediately filled with our Biodegradable Reef Safe Sunscreen formulas for stability studies, which are progressing nicely, and should be completed in September 2015.

Pending the results, we should be in production with new bottles by the 4th quarter, and hitting store shelves by mid March 2016!